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The Funny Swedish Name

Slickepött is a Swedish word meaning spatula, or really anything that can scrape the last bit of goodness out of grandma's baking bowl. The word is also used by children to describe the index finger, the most widely used and efficient tool for fudge and brownie batter licking. 

Original Branding

Original Branding

Once upon a time, not so very long ago….

Fudge sauce has been an institution in my family for well over fifty years.  It started with Nana,  my dad’s mother, giving away fudge sauce every year at Christmastime.  My mother continued the tradition, with us children standing on chairs to help stir the tall pots atop the stove.  The more we gave, the more people wanted, so our list grew and grew and grew; which is part of the reason I decided to take it public when I graduated from high school in 2007.

With the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York as a backdrop, I was blessed to have been educated at home through high-school.  Interested for some time in both law and business, I had narrowed my educational path down to the study of law. The only problem was that I didn’t have enough money to pay for a bachelor’s degree, much less law school.  Going $100,000 into debt did not seem prudent, and for a plethora of reasons I chose not to pursue state or federal grants.  My parents suggested that I tap into my entrepreneurial bent in order to raise the funds, and start out by choosing a tried and true product that would be easy to master. Since I was already addicted to working in the kitchen, I concluded that this family fudge sauce recipe was the ideal choice: a product I already knew how to make, with the added benefit of preexistent ‘market testing’  – I didn’t need any focus groups to tell me that this was a product people would buy!

Slickepott fudge sauce uses a slightly tweaked version of that old family recipe (just six simple ingredients; fresh New York State cream, cane sugar, NYS butter, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla, and salt) to create the decadent chocolate ganache that has made fans across the country (plus England and Spain!) swoon for more.  Each jar comes from a small batch, cooked from scratch by ‘yours truly’.  After about a year and a half of tinkering, testing and tasting, the tradition continues with the addition of my own unique caramel sauce!

All members of my family have played a part in building Slickepott.  My parents are ‘in-kind venture capitalists’; they have contributed in countless significant ways.  My brother has done much of the design work –  everything from the website to photography.  Before heading off to chiropractic School, my sister Hannah came on board as a sort of ‘vice-president’, but she has been involved from the start… tag-tying, marketing, and even acting!

Now, as we launch into Slickepott 2.0, I am now excited to bring along my wife, Elizabeth, and our new baby, Esther!

Yours truly,

Ian Lamont

 Advent 2016 A.D.